Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making B Ed a Two year course

A Kerala government order has issued to restructure B Ed a two year course. The first comment is pray to not to become the BEd a two year curse.  It was given a little hope that the new attempt will aim making the course an internationally accepted one. But soon it gone to the same stream of Framing for Framing sake. The great rulers have declared Utopian reformation, and any one can see that the attempt will fail without further clarification. They are to order 6 months internship at Remote Villages? For whom these orders are issued? The people are ready to do their internship at any where in the state. Do this will be a good attempt? The great reformers are framing Communicative English teachers! Of-course another attempt by Tuglags! Only one good aspect is that 26 qualified people will get job in colleges. That is hopeful and acceptable. But the quality of student teachers in English communication will be a humus. Nothing will happen. If any body have doubt, go and find from the quality of teachers who undergone B Ed from Calicut University from 2004 to 2012. There the communicative English was compulsory.
What we want is teachers with international quality. Not teacher with Internship quality. Blame the regular attempt.
A teacher must be able to read ant write at-least Malayalam and English fluently.Please go through this ability of present students. Any lay man can find that many of the students are unable to frame a sentence correctly.
* Make our student teachers able in computer. 
* Give them sufficient time to use books, journals, priodicals and  internet as resources
* Make them able to make use LCD and other projected aids to teach subject
*Make them technocrats
*Make them Psychologically fit
*Make them philosophically fit
you can design the course with such an intention. Suppose now a student teacher has given an assignment to prepare a Power Point Presentation, he or she will go t a computer sender and they will prepare it. Let them learn it from college itself. 
The students have to be able to take class with all these technologies in suitably.
Let them able in all the ways and transactions.
Please dont make it a unwanted course


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_n.-F-Uv.-c-­p-hÀjw:F´mWv {]kàn?
       \ne-hn So¨À FU-yq-t¡-j³ taJe t\cn-Sp¶ hen-sbmcp {]iv\w Xmev]-c-y-]qÀÆw Cu taJ-e-bn-te¡v IS-¶p-h-cp¶ hnZ-ymÀ°n-I-fpsS F®w hfsc hfsc Ipd-hmWv F¶-Xm-Wv. Fsâ aIs\/aIsf So¨-dm-¡Ww, A²-ym-]I taJ-e-bn-te¡v hnSWw F¶ Xocp-am-\-sa-Sp-¡p¶ c£n-Xm-¡fpw hfsc Ipd-hv. _n.-F-Uv.-A-sÃ-¦n Sn.-Sn.-kn.-]-Tn¨p ]pd-¯n-d-§p-¶-hÀ¡m-hs« tPmen-In-«m³ H¶p-In e£-§Ä tImg-sIm-Sp-¡-Ww, AsÃ-¦n ]n.-F-kv.-kn-bpsS I\n-hn-\mbn hÀj-§Ä Im¡-Ww. AXp-a-sÃ-¦n A¬ FbvUUv kvIqfp-I-fn XpÑ-amb i¼-f-¯n\v `mcn¨ tPmen sN¿Ww (A¬ FbvUUv taJ-e-bn \nÀt±-in-¡-s¸« i¼f ]cn-jvImcw Ct¸mÄ shÅ-¯n hc¨ hc-am-{X-am-Wv)

       Ct¸m-gs¯ {]h-W-X, an¡ _n.-F-Uv.-tIm-tf-Pp-I-fnepw ]Tn-¡m³ s]¬Ip-«n-Isf DÅp F¶-Xm-Wv. B¬Ip-«n-IÄ Xosc Ipd-hv. AsXmcp Ipg-¸-a-Ã, ]s£ B¬Ip-«n-IÄ So¨nwKv taJe Gsd-¡psd hn«p-Xp-S§n F¶Xv hmkvXham-Wv. _n.-F-Un\p tNcp¶ s]¬Ip-«n-I-fnÂXs¶ ]ecpw CsXmcp CS-¡me GÀ¸mSv F¶ \ne-bnse FSp-¡p-¶p-Åp. \nÝ-bn-¨n« hnhmlw \S-¡p-¶-Xn\p ap¼v, KÀ`n-Wn-bmbn F¶m-en\n {]k-hn-¡p-¶-Xn\p ap¼v, KÄ^n-te¡v `À¯m-hn-s\m¸w t]mWw, AXn\p ap¼v...-A-§ns\ GsX-¦n-ep-samcp Hgn-hp-I-gn-hp-t\m¡n _n.-F-Un\p tNcp-¶-h-cmWv hen-sbmcp iX-am\w Ip«nIfpw F¶p ]d-bp-¶Xv H«pw AXn-i-tbm-àn-]-c-a-Ã. CXn-\n-S-bn A²-ym-]-\-tPm-en-tbmSv kvt\lhpw A\p-Iq-e-a-t\m-`m-hhpw ]peÀ¯n tImgvkn\p tNcp-¶-hÀ \t¶ Ipd-hm-Wv.

       c­p-hÀjs¯ ]T-\-ambn _n.-F-Uv.-am-dp-t¼mÄ AXnsâ Kuchw hÀ²n-¡p-hm³ Xs¶-bmWv km²-y-X. kÀ¡mÀ cq]w-sIm-Sp¯ {]ap-J-c-S-§nb I½nän C¯-c-samcp \nÀt±iw h¨Xv _n.-F-Uv.-tImgvkv IqSp-X Kuch ]qÀ®-am-hWw F¶ Dt±-i-¯n Xs¶-bm-h-Ww. Ct¸mÄ _n.-F-Uv.-Hcp kÀ¡kv tjm t]mse-bm-Wv. Ipsd Ip«n-IÄ hcp-¶p, ]¯p-amkw sIm­v tImgvkv HmSn-¨n«v ]qÀ¯n-bm-¡p-¶p. ASp¯ _m¨p-h-cp-¶p. ]Xnhp XpS-cp-¶p. CXm-W-h-Ø. hnZ-ym-`-ymk a\x-im-kv{Xhpw, hnZ-ym-`-ymk ZÀi-\-§fpw, {]mtbm-KnI ]T\ coXn-Ifpw, A²-ym-]-\-¯nsâ coXn-im-kv{X-§-fpw, t_m[\ imkv{Xhpw AÀ°-]qÀ®-ambn DÄs¡m-Åm\pw Ah s{Sbn-\n-§n-eqsS kzm-b-¯-am-¡m\pw c­p-hÀjs¯ _n.-F-Uv.-tImgvkv A\n-hm-c-yw Xs¶-bm-Wv. AXp-sIm-­p-Xs¶ Kh¬saâv Xocp-am\w {]kà-am-sW¶v hne-b-cp-¯msX h¿.

Fs´ms¡ amä-§Ä?
       tImgvknsâ ssZÀLyw hÀ²n¸n¡pI F¶Xv shdpw hÀjw Iq«Â am{X-ambn amdn-¡q-Sm. ]T-\-X-e-¯nepw AXv IqSp-X hnim-ehpw kzo-Im-c-y-hp-am-h-Ww. sNdnb N«n¡p ]mI-¯n ]c-¯n-bn-cp¶ N¸m¯n AtX Afhp amhp-sIm­v henb N«nbv¡p  ]mI-¯n ]c-¯n-sb-Sp-¡p-I-bà th­-Xv. ]T-t\m-]m-[n-I-fp-sSbpw hnj-b-§-fp-sSbpw km[-y-Xbpw kzo-Im-c-y-X-bpw-sIm­v amhv IqSp-X k¼p-jvS-am-¡p-I-Xs¶ thWw.

       ]T\ coXn, t_m[\ imkv{X a\x-imkv{X hnj-b-§-fpsS ]T\w FÃmw Imen-Ihpw IqSp-X kzo-Im-c-y-hp-am-h-Ww. A¡m-U-anIv ]cn-jvI-c-W-¯n\v anI¨ I½n-än-IÄ Xs¶ cq]o-I-cn-¡-Ww. Hcp-Im-cyw Cu Ah-k-c-¯n kqNn-¸n-¡-s«... 1984-þ A[-ym-]I hnZ-ymÀ°n-I-fpsS So¨nKv {]mIvSokv ¢mÊp-IÄ hne-bn-cp-¯p-¶-Xn-\p-th­n Hcp aqe-\nÀ®-tbm-]m[n (Evaluation schedule) \nÀ½n-t¡­n h¶-t¸mÄ, tImgn-t¡mSv kÀÆ-I-em-im-e-bnse hnZ-ym-`-ymk hn`mKw sNbvXXv N«-¸Sn H¶p ]S-¨p-­m-¡p-I-bm-bn-cp-¶n-Ã. ]T-t\m-t±-i-§-fpsS hÀ¤o-I-cWw (Sm-Ivtkm-Wan Hm^v teWnwKv H_vP-IvSo-hvkv) F¶ kp{]-kn² {KÙ-¯n\pw coXn¡pw cq]w \ÂInb _©-an³ »qan-s\m¸w {]hÀ¯n-¨, ]n¶oSv dnsshkvUv »qwkv SmIvtkm-Wan¡v cq]w sImSp¯ km£m {ImtXzm-fns\¯s¶ A¶v Cu Bh-i-y-¯n\p th­n bqWn-th-gvkn-än-bn F¯n-¡p-I-bp-­m-bn.  Hcp t]Pn-te-s¡m-Xp-§p¶ aqe-y-\nÀ®b tcJ A{X-tbsd {]m[m-\-y-t¯m-sS-bmWv \nÀ½n-¡-s¸-«-Xv. C¶v ]cn-jvIm-c-§Ä \S-¸n hcp-¯p-¶-Xn\v BßmÀ°-amb DZ-y-a-hpw, ]cn-jvIm-c-¯n\p th­ Imc-y-§sf NnIªp Is­-¯m-\pÅ {iahpw CsÃ-¶p-Xs¶ ]d-bmw. tImgn-t¡mSv kÀÆ-I-em-im-e-bpsS Ct¸m-gs¯ _n.-F-Uv.-kn-e-_kv Xs¶ DZm-l-c-Ww. Ipsd Ns¸-Sp¯v ]pd-¯n-Sp-I, AXn-tesd Ns¸-Sp¯v AI-¯n-SpIþ A{X-am-{X-ambnt¸mbn ]cn-jvIm-cw. CsX-gp-Xp¶ teJ-I-\pÄs¸sS AXn-\p-¯-c-hm-Zn-I-fm-Wv. kne-_kv ]cn-jv¡-cn-¡m-\pÅ {iaw Ipfn-¸n¨p Ipfn-¸n¨v Ip«n-bn-Ãm¯ Ah-Ø-bn-te-s¡-¯n. ka-bhpw, hnZKvZ klm-b-§-fpsS Ipdhpw, km¼-¯nI klm-bhpw A{X-sbms¡ sN¿mt\ A\p-h-Zn-¨p-Åp.

       _n.-F-Uv.-c­p hÀj-am-¡m-\pÅ a{´n-k`m Xocp-am-\-¯n 14-þ15 hÀjs¯ Auvan-j³ apX F¶p ImWp-¶p-­v. 2013-þ14 hÀj-t¯-¡pÅ AUvan-j³ Nne bqWn-th-gvkn-än-IÄ Bcw-`n-¨p-I-gn-ªp. ASp¯ hÀjw apX-emWv Cu ]cnjvIm-c-sa-¦n Imc-y-§Ä \S-¸n hcp-¯m³ btYjvSw ka-b-ap-­v. temIs¯ hnhn[ taJ-e-Ifnse A[-y-b\ coXn-Isf hne-bn-cp-¯n, t_m[-\-imkv{X kao-]-\-§sf DÄs¡m­v thWw amä-§Ä hcp-¯m³. BtKm-f-X-e-¯n-te¡v th­n A[-ym-]-Isc krjvSn-¡m³ \ap¡v Ign-b-Ww. CâÀ\m-j-W kvIqÄ _mt¦m-¡v, HmIvkvt^mÀUv kvIqfnw-Kv, Ata-cn-¡³ kvIqfp-I-fnse coXn-im-kv{Xw, \½psS eJv\u knän tam­n-tkmdn ]»nIv kvIqÄ, alm-cm-jv{S-bnse A\p-`qXn kvIqÄ, B{Ô aÃ-¸-Ån-bnse dnjn-hm-eyp kvIqÄ XpS-§n-b-h-sbms¡ ]n³Xp-S-cp¶ t_m[\ imkv{X coXn-I-fn Ipsd-sbms¡ \ap¡v  kzo-I-cn-¡m-\m-hpw. a\x-imkvv{X, t_m[-\, ZÀi-\, sSIvt\m-fPn taJ-e-Isf ka-\-z-bn-¸n¨v A´ÀtZ-iob \ne-hmcw ]peÀ¯p¶ A[-ym-]-Isc krjvSn-¡pI F¶ e£yw Xs¶ apt¶m-«p-sh-¡-Ww.

       _n.-F-Uv.-c-­p-hÀjs¯ tImgvkmbn amäp-t¼mÄ, AXv IqSp-X Imc-y-£-a-am-th-­-Xp-­v. Nne Imc-y-§Ä IqSn Kh¬saâv Xocp-am-\n-¡p¶ I½n-än-IÄ {i²-bn-se-Sp-¡p-sa¶v Icp-Xs«:
·        c­p-hÀjs¯ tImgvkm¡n amäpt¼mÄ XoÀ¨-bmbpw ska-ÌÀ coXn XpS-cp-hm³ Ign-bpw. ]s£ _n.-F-Uv.-H-cn-¡epw Hcp ]co£ tI{µo-IrX tImgvkm-h-cp-Xv. c­p-hÀjw F¶m \mep ska-ÌÀ F¶ ]Xnhv F´n-\mWv? BZ-y-hÀjw H¶msI Hcp ska-Ì-dmbn ]cn-K-Wn-¡p-¶-Xmhpw _n.-F-Unsâ {]tX-y-I-X-¡-\p-k-cn¨v KpW-]-c-am-hp-I.    Hcp-hÀj-s¯bpw Bdp-am-k-t¯-bp-ambn aq¶v ska-Ì-dp-IÄ, s]mXp ]co£ aq¶p-X-hW aXn-bm-hpw.
·        So¨nwKv {]mIvSokv Hcp ]mTw XoÀ¡Â ]cn-]m-Sn-hbm-h-cp-Xv. \njvIÀjnX CS-th-f-I-fn IrX-y-amb aqe-y-\nÀ®-bhpw ]ptcm-K-Xn-¡m-h-i-y-amb \nÀt±-i-§fpw \ÂIn, H¶n-e-[nIw .kvs]-Ãp-I-fm-bn So¨nwKv  {]mIvSokv amä-Ww.
·        Ctâ-W amÀ¡pw AXn-\p-th-­ am\-Z-WvU-§fpw ]qÀ®-ambpw A²-ym-]\ A`n-cp-Nnsb Bkv]-Z-am-¡n-bm-h-Ww.
·        _n.-F-Uv.-I-gnªv Hcp A`n-cpNn ]co£ F¶ bpàn-c-lnX coXn Dt]£n¨v A²-ym]\ A`n-cpNn hfÀ¯m-\p-X-Ip¶ Imc-y-§fpw aqe-y-\nÀ®-bhpw tImgvkn Xs¶ DÄs¸-Sp-¯-Ww.
·        Ct¸mgs¯ coXn-bn-epÅ IS-emkv t{]mk-kp-Ifpw, sh«n-sbm-«n-¨p-­m-¡p¶ s{]mP-IvSp-I-fpw, N«-¸-Sn-bpÅ {Kq¸p NÀ¨ coXn-Ifpw Hgn-hm-¡Ww (]-d-bmsX h¿ s{]mP-IvSn-\m-bpÅ  s{]mPIvSpw NÀ¨-¡m-bpÅ t{]mkkpw Zb-hmbn Hgn-hm-¡n-¯-c-Ww). imkv{X kmln-Xy ]cn-j-¯p-Imsc ]cn-jvI-cW I½n-än-bpsS Gg-b-e-t¯¡v ASp-¸n-¡-cp-Xv.
·        FÃm hÀjhpw _n.-F-Un\v Auvan-j³ \S-¯p¶ coXn XpS-cm-Xn-cn-¡p-¶-Xmhpw DNn-Xw.  c­p _m¨p-IÄ {]hÀ¯n-t¡-­n-h-cp-t¼mÄ FÃm tImtf-Pp-Ifpw Hä-b-Sn¡v Ct¸m-gp-Å-Xnsâ Cc«n `uXnI kuI-c-y-§fpw A²-ym-I-tcbpw GÀs¸-Sp-t¯-­n-hcpw. A§-s\-sbmcp kuI-c-y-sam-cp-¡Â D­m-hn-Ã. ]Icw ssSwtS-_nÄ {Iao-I-c-Whpw aäp-]e H¸n-¡-ep-I-fp-amhpw kw`-hn-¡p-I. AXp ho­pw A²-ym-]I hnZ-ym-`-ym-k-¯nsâ \ne-hm-cs¯ Xmgv¯p-Itb DÅp. AUvan-j³ H¶n-S-hn« hÀj-§-fn-te-¡m¡n amä-Ww. AXn\p \nÀÆm-l-an-sÃ-¦n AUvan-j³ \ÂIp-¶-h-cpsS F®w t\À¸-Ip-Xn-bm¡n hÀjm-hÀjw AUvan-j³ \S-¯p-¶-Xnsâ km[-yX Bcm-bmw.
·        \ap-¡m-h-iyw IqSp-X A²-ym-]-I-sc-b-Ã, adn-NNv \ne-hm-c-apÅ A²-ym-]-I-sc-bm-Wv. e£yw BtKmf Bh-i-y-t¯mSv \oXn ]peÀ¯p¶ A²-ym-Isc krjvSn-¡pI F¶-Xm-h-s«. anI¨ ¢mkvdqw kmt¦-XnI hnZ-y-Ifpw D]-I-c-W-§fpw kao-]-\-§fpw D]-tbm-Kn-¡p-hm³ AhÀ {]m]vX-cm-h-s«.

·        A²-ym-]\ hnZ-ym-`-ymk taJ-esb kaq-e-ambn ]cn-jv¡-cn-¡p-¶-Xn\v DX-Ip¶ Cu a{´n-k`m Xocp-am\w kÀÆm-ß\m kzm-KXw sN¿m\pw anI¨ cnXn-bn tImgvkv Nn«-s¸-Sp-¯p-¶-Xn\pw \½psS kÀÆ-I-em-im-e-IÄ¡v km[n-¡-s«. ]cn-jvIm-c-§Ä shdpw sh«epw Xncp-¯epw Iq«n-t¨À¡-ep-am-hm-Xn-cn-¡m³ Kh¬saâv Xs¶ ap³ssI-s¿Sp-¡-s«.

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