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Educational Research Tool- Social Cohesiveness Inventory

Dear students,
As a part of my M.ED course, I am doing dissertation on the topic “Emotional
Sensitivity as a correlate of Social Cohesiveness among High school students of
Coastal area”. For each of the following statements 5 alternative responses
‘strongly agree’, ‘agree’, ‘undecided’, ‘disagree’ and ‘strongly disagree’. Read
the statements carefully and select the most appropriate responses. Put an ‘X’ in the
relevant alternative. The responses given by you will be kept confidential and will be
used only for the research purpose.
1. Mark only one response which you feel more suitable to you.
2. Do not write anything on the Question Booklet.
3. Do not leave any questions unanswered.
For example:
1. I help my parents in doing house hold works
Sl. No. A B C D
Appendix xvi
Family Cohessiveness
1. I help my parents in doing house hold works.
2. I feel uncomfortable when I participate in some functions or
programmes in my home.
3. I try my best to understand and solve the problems of my siblings.
4. I feel angry when mother asks me to go to shop for buying things.
5. I feel difficulty to cop-up with some decisions of my parents.
6. I am so happy in my family atmosphere.
7. I often quarrel with my parents for silly matters.
8. I feel difficulty to discuss the problems at school with parents.
9. I feel lack of love and safety in my home.
10. I have no objection to give newspaper to elders even if I am
reading it at that time.
11. If any strangers come to my home, I don’t talk with them.
12. I like to buy particulars from the shop for house hold purposes.
Classroom Cohesiveness
13. I give equal consideration to all my friends.
14. I can cop-up with other students in the class.
15. I am not familiar with all the students in my class.
16. All the students of my class are my friends.
Appendix xvii
17. I often feel loneliness in my class.
18. I don’t feel any difficult to help my friends by giving my pen,
pencil etc.
19. I can play with all of my friends at school without age limitation.
20. I used to study alone; even my friends compel me for group study.
21. I always talk only to one or two members when I engage in a
group study.
22. I often take leadership in group studies.
23. I share my problems with others in class.
24. I don’t participate in nonacademic activities in school.
25. I am ready to share my textbooks with my classmates if he/she
forgets to bring it.
26. I always help my friends when they take leave due to illness.
Neighbourhood Cohesiveness
27. I am in good terms with my classmates.
28. My neighbours consider me in a good manner.
29. When there is any celebrations in my home ,I compel my parents
to share food with neighbours too.
30. My neighborhood friends often give me food and toys.
31. I most prefer to watch films with my neighbourhood friends.
Appendix xviii
32. I usually play a lot of time with my neighbourhood friends in
33. When a marriage ceremonies in my neighborhood, I help them
with my maximum ability.
34. I don’t have any interest in sharing friendship with neighbours.
35. It is a big disturbance to have a lot of houses very near to my
36. I feel angry towards my parents when they tell me to not to play
with neighbourhood friends.
37. I usually speak about my neighbourhood friends to my classmate.
38. I never try to listen and consider the words of neighbours.
39. I don’t mind the sorrow of my neighbourhood friends even if I
would indulge in the happiness of them.
40. I often feel that neighbours consult me to discuss their problems.
Community Cohesiveness
41. I never participate in charity works because it is the responsibility
of government.
42. When I travel by bus, I give up my seat for senior citizens.
43. I feel difficulty to play with strangers out of my school.
44. I am interested to participate in social service.
Appendix xix
45. I actively participate in all program conducted by our village
46. I don’t have any anxiety about the problem like sea disastrous.
47. Working condition and the labor problems of the fisherman are
not annoying me.
48. I can easily intimate with the strangers.
49. It’s very difficult to adjust in new situations.
50. I try to hide my true emotions from others at some situations
51. I feel interested to hear the adventurous experience of the
52. I prefer to live according to the norms of the society.
Appendix xx
Sl. No.
Strongly Agree (SA)
Agree (A)
Undecided (U)
Disagree (D)
Strongly Disagree (SD)

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