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Introduction to Teaching Social Sciecne


                      Social science is a major category of academic discipline, concerned with society and the relationship among individuals within a society. It in turn has many branches, each of which is considered as ” social science”. The main social sciences included Economics, Political Science, Geography, history and Sociology.

Beard defines social science as a “body of knowledge and thoughts pertaining to human affairs as distinguished from sticks and stones, stars and physical objects
Nature and scope of social science
·         A unique combination of various disciplines
·         A study of human relationships
·         A study of man’s development through ages
·         A realistic course of study
·         It forms an important part of the core curriculum
·         It includes commitment to action
·         Aims at preparing the learner for wholesome social living
Evaluation of social science as a subject
Social science is gathering knowledge through scientific method. It is facing fact of change from objective based to process based.
·         Evaluation of subject matter
·         Evaluation of gathering knowledge
·         Evaluation of transaction
·         Evaluation of methodology
·         Evaluation of material changes.
Need and significance of teaching social science in the present context
·         Providing education for effective citizenships
·         Helping in the all round development of the personality
·         Developing awareness about the problems of the society
·         Providing helpful in developmental projects of the society
·         Deals human development and his psycho-social and cultural development of an individual
·         It has strong connection with our regular social life
·         Enable an individual to live successfully and truthfully in the social context
·         Provides smooth adaptability with the environment
Social studies as a core subject and its relation to other core subjects
           Core subject is a subject that should have to learn. In school level all subjects are core subjects except language. Core curriculum seeks to provide the irreducible minimum regarded as necessary for everyone to be able to live satisfactorily in a modern society. It prepares students for living, not to make a living. Common learning and experiences are emphasized in the core curriculum to make it possible for the democratic way of living.
              Social science is a core  subject drawing functional material from various subject fields its subject matter is “man and his environment” it is to be taught as a compulsory subject up to the secondary school stage because this is the final stage of education for the majority of students.
               Language and social science go hand in hand. While social studies deal with man and society, language provides man with a vehicle of expression and communication. While social studies contain a record of the deeds of men, literature is the record feelings, emotions imagination and the thought of man. Social studies are very much reinforced by language.             The curriculum of sciences and social studies are, in fact, interdependent. The life and work of eminent scientists of the world are as much a part of social studies curriculum. In following ways social studies related with mathematics.
1.      Use of quantification in society
2.      Meeting basic needs through mathematics
3.      Use of mathematics in social life
4.      Use in household
Social studies vs social sciences
     Social science is a generic term covering the scientific study of man. Social studies is a field of study which deals with the man and his environment. Its content is drawn from several social sciences.
·         Shares common body of content
·         Both are related to society and have same aims and objectives
·         In both centre of focus is man’s relationship to man and to his environment
·         Both emphasis on inculcating good qualities
·         Both helps to understand the various aspects of the society and utilize them
·         Social sciences are those areas of knowledge dealing with man and society in the development of civilization. Social studies drawn its content from social sciences
·         The focus and emphasis of both are different
·         Social sciences represent an adult approach, while the social studies represents a child approach
·         Social sciences are the theory part  of human affairs while social studies are the practical part of human affairs
·         Social sciences are far larger than social studies
·         In social science social utility is the primary objective. In social studies instructional utility is the primary objective

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