Sunday, January 23, 2011

Abstract on Chomskyan Philosophy


Chomskyan Cognitivism and Linguistic: Irreproachable Ideals for Educational Psychology and Designing Learning
This paper makes an attempt to highlight the significance of Chomskyan concepts of linguistic and cognitivism in restructuring educational ideals and directions regarding learning in education psychology. His specific views on educational aspects are the need of the hour in education scenario especially in the context of globalization.
This paper is attempted to:
a. Identify the Contributions of Chomsky in Psychology, Cognitivism and Education Psychology.
b. Identify Chomsky's Contributions on psychology of learning as a theory opposes the concept of behaviourist approach. The behavioural change occurred on learner due to stimulus cannot be read as the basic fact of learning.
c. Discuss the specific views of Chomsky in language learning, class room instruction, school running and educational administration.
d. Suggest Chomskyan psychology an inevitable part of the curriculum content of Educational Psychology of teacher education of Indian Universities.
These reflections and findings of Chomsky were supported the restructuring of classroom teaching-learning process not only in language but also in science and humanity subjects. His suggestions scaffold the adoption of innovative pupil centered methods including constructivist approaches in classroom teaching.
All his views show clear-cut support for restructuring educational directions and execution of innovative changes in education in the aspects like planning of education, administration, curriculum, methods, organizing text book, classroom teaching and managing school atmosphere.

Chomskyan cognitivism, education psychology, linguistics and culture, verbal or learned behavior, universal grammar, cognitive learning, social learning.

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