Wednesday, January 27, 2010

philosophy and its branches

Philosophy and it branches.

Philosophy is the word derived from two Greek words, philo and Sophia. The terms respectively mean love and wisdom. Hence, etymologically, philosophy means love of wisdom.
Philosophy has three major branches or areas. They are a. epistemology, b. axiology, c. metaphysics.

Epistemology is the science of knowledge. The are of philosophy deals with all aspects of knowledge like what is knowledge, how knowledge different from information, what are the types of knowledge, how knowledge originates, so and so.

Axiology is the science of values. This are of philosophy deals with what are the values, how value originates and came to existence, what are the different values… so and so.

Metaphysics is the science of reality. It deals with the quest what is really real… reality and appearance, what is realty, what are the type of reality assessment.. so snd so are the area of this branch.

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